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Acknowledgements (FTG I)

Thank you to the Ultimate Creator for giving me the purity of intention, Love, strength of character, wisdom and perseverance to continue this vital work in Shelley's absence.

Thank you to Francine, John, Claire and Olivier and all the wonderful souls I met in England in August 2009 who gave me renewed confidence in my own abilities as a speaker.

Thank you to Victor and Ron for their technical prowess. Thank you to Holly for her uncomparable brand of support. Thank you to Valerie for seeing what had to be seen. Thank you to Mathew, Alain, Micheline, Gail, Christiane and Micheline L. who are all wonderful friends. Thank you to Joel and Gail, my unconditional parents.

Thank you to Shelley for finding me again in this lifetime and sharing everything you had to share. For giving both myself and the world such a wonderful gift. For recognizing in my work the deeper work of Spirit. Even in silence, you are Loved deeply.

Thank you to Annie for being my Angel in human form. For living with an integrity of Spirit heretofore unseen. For living by example to such heights that you became my own example. You have been my muse and the Light which has guided me to the portal time and again. You are Loved beyond words.

And thank you finally to all of you whose contributions in countless ways have manifested this vision with us as we work collectively to reach our true potential.

- Bradfield


Acknowledgements (FTG II)

I would like to thank my dear friends Annie and Bradfield for holding space and allowing me the time necessary to heal. Without them none of this would be possible. I love you from a space that holds no words.
I want to thank my daughter Emma, my son Evan and my life partner Cliff for supporting me through the wildest of human experiences. Without them nothing could be accomplished. They remind me each day of what it means to love unconditionally and to stay the course in this incredible journey.
Thank you to all the earthly humans who have held me in their hearts awaiting a return they were unsure I could make. Your love for me was invaluable to bringing me home to my truth thank you.
Thanks go to the magnificent Beings that have walked with me even when I did not want them to. Their quiet resolve is felt within me as I have struggled to find my way to my most sincere truth. Thank you my dear friends for carrying me softly.
I send much gratitude to all those that fired the earth grid on July 17, 2007. Your willingness to believe made a tremendous difference to the outcome of our world. More humans will come to participate in the next event as each of us is awakening to truth in our own time. I invite and thank all those coming to this your love is felt and we await your entry into our creations circle.
I say the greatest of thank yous to the Brilliant Infinity, the Source of all and Creator of all that is. To stand in this truth is to feel complete within. Love radiates from this union and I am most thankful for the whole opportunity.

Thanks to Mathew Hart, for your heartfelt labor of love with the Testimonials.

Thanks to Alain Lemay, for your gracious use of the film equipment.

Finally I say thank you to the human piece of myself. That piece of me has been most resistant and has caused delays but in surrendering to my truth and the truth of the universe I stand with gratitude strong and ready. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Shelley Yates


Acknowledgements (FTG III)

Many, many thanks go out to the following, without which this project would never become a reality:

To the light beings that have supported me through the most difficult time in my life and who have made this plan possible.

To a tremendously gifted artist, Bradfield, who has physically made this project happen by donating his valuable time in preparing, designing and building this web site.

To Anael, Bradfield and APSIS Music for donating the songs “Sky Sent” & “Heaven & Earth Spirits” and for assisting me with spiritual inspiration. The lyrics from your music have truly been a gift from God.

To Terry Paul Choyce for her words of encouragement and her gifted editorial abilities.

To Annie Tremblay, Nancy Ruest and MBA for the translation and correction of the French portion of the site.

To Lilian Flores and MBA for their precious help in the translation of the Spanish section of this project.

To Monika Bernegg for her wonderful support and the translation of the German section.

To Yuki Kojima, Naoki and Natsuko for their wonderful support and the translation of the Japanese section.

To Tapio Närhi for his wonderful support and the translation of the Finnish section .

To Eira Ahlgren for her wonderful support and translation of the Swedish section.

To Sylvio Guerini for his wonderful support and the translation of the Portuguese section.

To my family and friends for enduring the past two years of chaos while I figured out this project and plan.

To Paul Lutus for use of the fantastic realtime World Clock.

To Robert Hashemian for the clever countdown script.

To Victor Lion for his script expertise, initiative and invaluable assistance with aligning GMT times

And finally…

Special thanks to my very, dear friend, Annie Tremblay who has been my mentor, confident and spiritual support throughout this project, without you I would never have written the first word.

- Shelley Yates



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